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"Shane Calhoun, writer and producer, literally woke up one morning with the ability to play the piano. After many nights of hearing melodies play through his head, he started to lay the foundation of what would become "Beauty in the Broken." "I realized that God had taken something broken from within me, and turned it into beauty. It was rooted so deep in love that I could never loose sight of it."


"Beauty in the Broken" is a mysterious blend of warm and passionate worship. Shane Calhoun's gentle spirit comes through his music in such a way that is highly contagious. The soothing effect of this CD will bring peace to your soul and stir your affection for the Lord. – Larry Randolph Ministries - Larry Randolph

The music contained in this album has a purity that could only come from Heaven. It isn’t flashy and showy; it’s the pure heart of God over you. What I love about this CD is that the instrumental nature of it allows the Father to take you on your own journey. From beginning to end, this is not just music; it’s a journey in the spirit. – Awake International Ministries - Craig Kinsley

When I released Shane Calhoun after interning with us, I knew that music was all over him. When I heard “Beauty in the Broken,” I came across an anointing that I had not seen before.  Shane’s ability to capture the sound of Heaven is awesome. There is a new generation of worshipers coming forth, and I believe Shane is on the cutting edge of this.  When I go to the Lord in prayer, I like to have music playing that I feel captures a sense of intimacy. This CD does that. I highly recommend “Beauty in the Broken” and Shane Calhoun.  He is a wonderful friend with a wonderful gift. – Fresh Fire Ministries - Todd Bentley